Thursday, 1 December 2011

Celebrations and Sadness - A Busy Couple of Weeks

I have neglected our blog for a couple of weeks, there are reasons for this. 

Elisabeth went on holiday to New York and Dan, her boyfriend, proposed to her so she returned amid much excitement and celebration.  The wedding is being planned for the summer of 2013 and there is much excitement in the house, the only thing I have to watch out for is the number of Bridesmaids as I said I will make their dresses.  Perhaps I should have checked how many she is having first!  You wouldn’t think finding a venue for the wedding would be difficult but it is proving quite troublesome, so if anyone in Rutland has any ideas please help save my sanity and leave suggestions, PLEASE!

Daisy Dog

The following week was extremely traumatic for me, as my very old dog Daisy went missing.  She was approaching 19 years old and I let her out at dusk, got distracted and when I went to let her back in 15 minutes later she had, literally, disappeared off the face of the earth.  I was distraught.  Daisy was my friend having had her from a small puppy, she was devoted to me and I was to her.  A massive search party, involving lots of people from our small village have searched high and low but there is no sign of her.  No one has handed her in to the Police, Dog Warden, Vets or Rescue Centres and now a week has passed I know the she will not come home.  For a few days I searched hedgerows, gardens and ditches until deciding I was beginning to torture myself.  I suspect that Daisy either went away to die somewhere or there is the possibility she was taken by a fox.  Many have questioned this idea but I have lived in the countryside for many years and Daisy was an easy target, she was deaf, partially sighted and very old.  She was easy prey for a fox.  She would neither see nor hear a fox approaching and was unable to fight one off.  I am convinced I heard her bark somewhere in the field opposite about half an hour after she went missing.  One single bark, the type she gave when someone or thing surprised her, a few minutes later further down the hedge I hear foxes yapping.  Anyway Daisy has gone and the whole family miss her but we must concentrate on the fantastic years she gave us, it was an utter pleasure to have had her and we are doubly blessed that we had her for so long.  One day I may discover what happened to her, meantime we have to try and move on and smile at our memories and not torture ourselves with unanswered questions.

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